The more often you float, the longer lasting the effects are

However, even for first timers the effects are obvious and life changing and last for days after their floating session. Here are some of the many benefits that our clients experience after their floating session:


The ambience in our float pod allows around 80% of the gravity to no longer affect our clients’ bodies. This naturally allows their bodies to enter a state of rest and recuperation which helps to decompress throughout the joints and the spinal column. Our clients experience back and neck pain relief, spinal alignment and physical rehabilitation.


When afloat in the pod, the body is relieved from all external stimuli and frees itself from all stresses and experiences an extremely heightened state of relaxation. This intense state of ecstasy triggers the production of theta waves in the brain which takes years of meditation to achieve.


Studies show that EEG readings taken from floatation users indicate an increase in the synchronicity of brainwave frequencies across the user’s left and right hemisphere which suggests a greater level of mental efficiency and creativity.

More Floating Benefits

  • Relieves spine, muscles and joints
  • Releases acute and persistent and/or chronic tension
  • Advances healing of many ailments and injuries
  • Reduces chronic pain symptoms
  • Reduces high blood pressure, slows the pulse rate
  • Increases blood supply to every cell in your body.
  • Has a positive and soothing effect on the skin
  • Eases rheumatic pain
  • Relieves jet-lag
  • Releases endorphins creating an increased feeling of well-being
  • Synchronises the hemispheres of the brain
  • Reduces the brain wave frequency
  • Balances over-stimulation caused by the environment and slows down the metabolism
  • Supports meditation
  • Reduces stress and strengthens the resistance to the effects of stress in the days following your float experience

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This would have to be the most beautiful space I have ever been to. I have had a few of the many treatments offered here - float, massage, facial, omnilux and absolutely can not fault it!! The staff are friendly, professional and make you feel super welcome.

Chloè Bertolami

First time float and absolutely loved my experience. I left with a clear head, feeling so relaxed and had the best sleep that night. The staff where so wonderful and helpful. I would 100% recommend this place and will be letting my friends and family know. I look forward to trying the massage next time.

Arnika Browne

Wonderful luxe experience, the facilities are outstanding, everything was very clean and immaculate. Float was great and massage was amazing. Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 30th!

Sara Elaine

What a hidden secret! Behind the glass doors is the most beautiful day spa. They have thought of everything even down to the luxury toiletries and hairdryer. And all in a wonderful shade of Tiffany blue! I enjoyed my first float, and had a great massage with Ellie. I will definitely be back!

Jayne Griffiths

We visited Peace in a Pod for the first time today and it exceeded our expectations! The venue is fresh and very inviting with great facilities and the staff were welcoming and informative. We arrived a little sceptical about the float but the experience was amazing and was finished nicely with some unexpected and very delicious treats in the relaxing lounge area. Thank you - we will definitely be back for more!

Penny Bridges

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