A New Approach To Aesthetic Health

The only protocol that enables simultaneous contouring and skin tightening, BodySculptor is a device that combines magnetic fields and micropressure drainage for a refinement of the whole body. BodySculptor is the solution that erases cellulite, drains toxins, refines the silhouette and relaxes the mind and body. The results are obtained gradually, while respecting the natural biological processes of the human body.

Visible and lasting results

  • Reduces the deep visceral fat surrounding the organs that may cause health risks related to the metabolic syndrome.
  • Redraws the silhouette by reducing fat overload
  • Reduces cellulite and improves skin quality
  • Improves IVF success rates in infertile patients

How does it work?

Based on scientific research, the BodySculptor works by generating a BioEnergy field called BioStimology® totally harmless for the skin and the body.

The BioEnergy field will stimulate the calcium channels of muscle membranes resulting in insensitive muscle contraction.

This insensitive contraction will induce a consumption of energy that will stimulate the decongestion of fat cells.

Thanks to BioStimology®, we gradually see a specific reduction of body fat and firming of the skin.

BodySculptor Pricing


30 minutes $75

(Fully Redeemable when booking a full course)

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Single Session

45 minutes $125

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BodySculptor Course


12 x 45 minute BodySculptor sessions
2 x FREE Monthly Maintenance sessions (value $250)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do more than 12 sessions?

Yes, sometimes more than 12 sessions are required to dislodge stubborn long established fat.

How much is the maximum BMI?

Our clinical studies were made on a maximum BMI of 42, which is ranked in morbidity obesity.

Can anyone use the BodySculptor?

BodySculptor is very safe and non invasive to the body. We recommend you seek your doctor’s advice if any of the following applies to you:

  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Serious illness
  • Suffering from skin conditions or skin injuries
  • Deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
  • Untreated heart problems
How many calories will I burn?

We estimate an average loss of 650 calories per session.

How many cms will I lose?

An average loss of 6 cm has been observed on the waistline through clinical studies.

Can I expect any muscle soreness after the sessions?

There may be some mild muscle soreness if you are not used to physical activity.

What if I am pregnant and don’t know? Can I have a miscarriage?

The BodySculptor uses very low-frequency BioEnergetic fields, which will not have any impact on early-stage pregnancy. If unsure seek advice from your doctor.

What if a patient just wants one area from the bodysuit?

The full body straps for legs and abdomen have to be activated for the normal use of the device. However, arms and face straps are optional.

What is the maximum waist circumference that can fit inside the bodysuit?

Around 150 cm and even more with the extensions provided.

Can it help for fluids after a surgery ?

Yes, the controlled micro pressure can help a lot to recover after a surgery. However, it depends on the type of surgery, if any doubt, please ask your doctor.

Can children use it?

Yes from their age of biological maturity, which is about 15 years old for boys and after their first menstruations for girls.

What's the downtime ?

There is no imposed downtime.

How much weight will I lose after 12 sessions?

BioStimology helps to lose body volume, but combined with a balanced diet we can observe a weight loss between 2 and 10 kgs in 6 weeks.

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