1.1 At all relevant times you must:
(a) Comply with the terms and conditions of Peace in a Pod
(b) Comply with any policies or codes of conduct which Peace in a Pod may from time to time communicate to you;
(c) Comply with all reasonable directions given by Peace in a Pod;
(d) Disclose to Peace in a Pod any health information materially relevant to your ability to safely utilise the float service; and
(e) Pay all applicable fees as they become due.

1.2 You must not:
(a) Transfer or assign any interest or benefit under this Agreement to a third party without the prior written consent of Peace in a Pod; or
(b) Engage in improper, harmful or illegal conduct while utilising the Float Service.


2.1 Peace in a Pod must:
(a) Deliver the Float Service to a professional standard;
(b) Ensure that any persons connected with delivering the Float Service are suitably qualified and experienced.

2.2 Peace in a Pod reserves the right to:
(a) Vary fees, schedules and operating hours at its discretion; and
(b) Restrict or suspend your access to the Float Service at any time on the basis of:
(i) Reasonable concern for your health or safety;
(ii) Improper, harmful or illegal conduct by you; or
(iii) Failure by you to pay fees when due.


3.1 Peace in a Pod disclaims all liability for property damaged, lost or stolen while you utilise the Float Service or any other service provided by Peace in a Pod
3.2 You acknowledge and agree that you shall be liable for any damage to Peace in a Pod’s premises or equipment resulting from any wilful or negligent act or omission by you or by a minor child under your supervision.


4.1 Fees applicable in relation to any membership agreement shall be as communicated to you by Peace in a Pod from time to time.
4.2 Fees must be paid in advance.
4.3 Payment shall be by direct debit or such other method as Peace in a Pod may from time to time nominate as an accepted payment method.
4.4 By entering into a Membership Agreement, you undertake to provide Peace in a Pod with any and all authorisations and information required by Peace in a Pod to establish an automatic direct debit arrangement in relation to your membership fees. If an automatic debit arrangement is in place, membership fees will continue to be debited from your credit card or account until you or Peace in a Pod cancels the arrangement by notifying your bank or credit provider.


5.1 You may terminate any Membership Agreement with two (2) weeks written notice to Peace in a Pod
5.2 Upon cancellation, you have the right to continue utilising Peace in a Pod until the expiration of any period for which you have pre-paid.
5.3 Peace in a Pod may at its discretion terminate this Agreement at any time with immediate effect. In the event that Peace in a Pod exercises this right, Peace in a Pod shall refund to you all fees and other amounts relating to any unexpired period for which you have pre- paid.

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