ZEROBODY is the new dry evolution floating experience for relaxing in zero gravity.

Developed from a collaboration between spa company Starpool, Italian designer Christiano Mino and the brain and wellness research company Neocogita, Zerobody envelops the user in a way that gives the sensation of having all gravity removed.

The Zerobody also combines with the Nu Relax “personal brainer” to further calm the mind into a brain charging, meditative state. It is suitable for everyone without age limitations or contraindications.

Float without getting wet with ZEROBODY

ZEROBODY combines the extraordinary physical and mental benefits of weightlessness with an extreme speed and ease of use.

When you lie down on ZEROBODY you will feel the rigid supporting surface be lowered electronically immersing the body in the patented special membrane for a complete dry floating effect. You will feel like you’re levitating on zero gravity.

ZEROBODY is set to body temperature, around 36ºC.

Suspended in the warm embrace of the water, the central nervous system is freed from any external stimulus and the brain can express all of its extraordinary potential while the body relaxes and regenerates.

You can use a self-service touchpad to adjust the temperature as you like and manage all the dry float’s other functions: set the session time, modify the light effects, start the hydromassage on your lower back, or start meditating with the auto guide included with the NU RELAX app.

What zero gravity feels like

Even in the first few minutes you realise that your mind is no longer in charge. Your body is re-appropriating its own space after which you almost entirely lose the perception of where your body ends: voluntary control is subdued and gives way to a general sensation of well-being.

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All key psychophysical parameters improve

  • Capacity for introspectionimproves
  • Concentration, creativityand learning increase
  • Production of serotonin, a natural anti-depressive, increases
  • Moodand the quality of sleep improve
  • The spinal columnis elongated
  • Paindue to stress is decreased
  • Tensionis reduced
  • Oxygenationof the tissues and capillary circulation improves
  • Blood pressuredrops
  • Athletic performance improves
  • Jet-lag is easier to beat

Wellness & Neuroscience

Scientific studies demonstrate the benefits of floating

In scientific terms, relaxation is a process of transformation: it has been proven that the brain is a flexible organ capable of reorganising in response to changes in the environment and in our activities.

In the specific case of floating, fluctuation has the effect of activating certain parts of the brain, making them thicker; this stimulates a physiological response that is the opposite of stress, with the result of lasting improvement in mental performance.





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